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How to support us.

First of all we need your blessed prayers to let God open doors and that the Gospel will be preached in the way it should be - with signs, wonders and miracles. Also if you will pray for us, pray that the words spoken also are preached in the right attitude and in the Spirit of God, that the right words for the right time must be preached. And finally, but not least : THAT PEOPLE GET SAVED !

Second: Finances are usually brought in through volunteer offerings and permanent supporters. If you want to become a partner either personally, with your company or by your church, please send your name and address by e-mail to


and we will send you the information you need to do so. When you become a part of this ministry by supporting us financially, you will also get our newsletter for free so you can read about what is happening on our crusades and campaigns around the world.

Divine support makes the difference !